When a truth

dances in abandon

and a lie cancels a lie

when a smile hurts

and a tear soothes

moon shines too bright

I know you are thinking

about me

I hug a child

smell a rose

let the light in


Flying high

My Cape ruffling

Over tree-tops

Dipping into the

Calm cool lake

Soaring over

Soothing icebergs

Ah rest rest rest

Sire simple truths

He or she,

Does it matter

Encore encore

Sweet songs

Nights we own

Twilight shining

On my belly

Moon and stars

Cry of triumph

Laughter gay hey

Swim me by


The rain kept falling in sheets.

Ground had a torrent.

The fort with barred gate open

Stood quiet in low light

Text flowed in sheets

Black and white

You and I

Drenched in rain

Smiling wide holding hands

Fingers linked tangled hair



She whispers

Breezy words

Like fragrant flowers

Moving her fingers

Through my hair

Holding me

In her soft embrace

Lights up

My days, my nights

I scan her wrists

Write my name

In her palm

And wonder

Is she is real

Or my imagination

Running wild?


Your smile

I try to trace

With my fingers

And stop

For I love

To see you

Fast asleep

Murmering and

Smiling some more

Your kisses

Shower on me

As you open

Your eyes

You know me

Like no one else

You are

My fairy tale


Come true