It was not

A matter of a day

Or two or three

I remember

How months on end

We watched movies

Listened to songs

Cried together

Embraced carefree

Unaware of anybody

I held your hand in mine

Through the boring classes

I held your gaze in mine

As the world wondered

What was up with us

You with your impeccable cloths

I in my villages robes

And yet something clicked

You found my goat

Made him count

And gave him back to me

I found your pen

Remember chatting late in night?

And early in the morning?

Reading the tale of that funny king?

That little rascal too?

And the one about

The beauty with blond hair?

You would eat only with me

And keep staring at me

And felt your gaze

All over me

We never watched a movie

We did not like

We would rather leave it

And wander off

We sang together

And you are

My best dance partner


Future will speak

And paint my tears with stars

I have waded bogs

To look for missing seas

My mind, a mess of hyroglyphs