How I long for you


Are you alright? I know, I can be such a pain sometimes. I thought you loved her just so much, probably even more than you love yourself. I lost my temper but look, that was just for a while. I am trying to see things your way.

I am in the wrong too. I loved thatboy. Ohhhh but he is hansome and he can talk, my how he can talk. But you know that I like you much more than I like him. You are wise and nice and thoughtfully caring. I may have called you controllingly but that believe me, was only a thought.

Remember the stories we shared? I know, I miss them and you do too. When I read, i think of you if the story is about you? About last night? About us? and then decide, no….., it was just a story.

Everytime I put on make up, do my hair, pin a flower, I imagine you calling, come back, come back. And then, i think again. Whould you like me to look good only for you?

You have amazing talents, and I know talents in ancient Egypt was monet, but we aint talking about that one. How is your new work? Are you eating well? Do people love you there?

You know, I like to look ay you as you sre. No pretenses. For what as and why are people pretentious? Do you want me right now? You know I want to come to you. Just wait a little more.

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