By and by


A liitle step

Silently a little pause

My breaths wait for some air

You breath enclose

Entwine and caress, hold

Wonder in my eyes and my whys

The shiny charm

Spreads from the witty eyes

The Thieves

The two guys were lying

Lying shame in act II

I wanted to check if

By any chance



Act 3, will be

In library.

Gawwwwsh why is there

A lie in the library.

By all means find a new word

By all thoughts sing

Ro ra ri but not by nor be none

Search search search

Hotch potch why break eggs?


Why do you hate asterix*

The tiny smart guy?

How I long for you


Are you alright? I know, I can be such a pain sometimes. I thought you loved her just so much, probably even more than you love yourself. I lost my temper but look, that was just for a while. I am trying to see things your way.

I am in the wrong too. I loved thatboy. Ohhhh but he is hansome and he can talk, my how he can talk. But you know that I like you much more than I like him. You are wise and nice and thoughtfully caring. I may have called you controllingly but that believe me, was only a thought.

Remember the stories we shared? I know, I miss them and you do too. When I read, i think of you if the story is about you? About last night? About us? and then decide, no….., it was just a story.

Everytime I put on make up, do my hair, pin a flower, I imagine you calling, come back, come back. And then, i think again. Whould you like me to look good only for you?

You have amazing talents, and I know talents in ancient Egypt was monet, but we aint talking about that one. How is your new work? Are you eating well? Do people love you there?

You know, I like to look ay you as you sre. No pretenses. For what as and why are people pretentious? Do you want me right now? You know I want to come to you. Just wait a little more.

Rough seas

I am waiting

For my boat to land

The mirror crowds my thoughts

Paints roses and thorns on my lips

If for a few moments

The little girl could smile

The monsters that wait

For your commands

How else can one manage it

But for by being

I am still looking at

Empty spaces and trying to guess

Where you could be